NOAH is not only bringing innovative tools for Technologies & Finance, but also for Digital Communications & Regulation

A Blue Media Centre to support the Blue Revolution

Blue media centre including a blue digital platform & Blue ReGen Label

A dedicated digital platform by NOAH is an essential supporting tool to contribute to the Blue Revolution.
The open source digital platform is gathering at the same place:

  • Contents
  • Promotion of the latest proven innovative technologies
  • Promotion of the best practices
  • Direct access to experts

A Blue Media Centre to support the Blue Revolution


Blockchain technology to
decentralize information

Blockchain technology for:

  • Decentralization of information & power
  • Securing contents & transactions
  • Eliminating intermediaries
  • Bringing & Keeping more trust
  • Handling heavy loads
  • Increasing user privacy


A Blue ReGen Label to ensure true
ReGenerative attitude

A Blue ReGen label to support Blue Regulatory Compliance for the Oceans’ ReGeneration.

A company or a project which adheres to all the requirements of the label compliance rules, will receive the Blue Label certification.

In such case, the Blue ReGen labeled company or project, will receive support from the Blue Digital Platform & Blue Digital Media Centre to be promoted worldwide and would also receive assistance to be introduced to the Blue Fund for fund raising application.

Experts would also help to improve as much as possible, the ReGen impact of projects through NOAH’s Ark R&D Network resources.

For Blue ReGen Label there will be a Time Limit of accreditation. Each company or project should be re-eligible to its ReGen Label every 2 years.


Contents & Promotion

Blue Digital Media Centre to support the Blue Revolution

A dedicated Blue Digital Media Centre is the way to bring contents, promote Blue labeled projects & Companies.

It’s also a tool for a large free communication with a better transparency and trust, as soon as it allows each individuals to publish content.