• To Bring Together Local Investors & Financial Institutions with leading Blue Economy Solution Providers
  • NOAH’s Arks Network of International Off-Grid R&D Platforms support one another and influence both Local & Worldwide Blue Growth
  • NOAH’s Arks are Off-Grid sustainable floating platforms, built from devaluated large old ships which would otherwise be demolished on ship breaking beaches of poor countries; major contributors to both humans & environmental disasters.

    NOAH is offering a second life to these large vessels, turning them into highly revaluated floating sustainable real estate platforms docked into the heart of costal mega cities.


    What is a NOAH’s Ark?
    Network of Ocean
    Ambassadors Headquarters

    Each Ark is co-owned by a group of Investors-Ambassadors & the NOAH Foundation of Scientific Cooperation.

    For the FSC and hosted companies, an Ark offers free access 24/7/365 offices & co-working areas with back offices, high techs laboratory with all combined innovations up & running to self-sustained the Arks needs, modular rooms for convenings and events.
    In addition, an Ark offers common recreational areas with « at cost » consuming for a better working & collaborative headquarters: bars & restaurants, terraces with swimming pool and lounge, spa & fitness centre, theater and e-transportation accessories and hospitality services.

    Exclusively for its Ambassadors, an Ark also offers modular suites-private offices, a « pied-à-terre » they can freely enjoy all year long for leisure or work.

    By subscribing to the Ambassador Membership (shares of the company co-owning the floating real estate & all associated assets), Ambassadors are investing additional funds into NOAH Blue Fund.

    The Blue fund is electing innovative projects & companies with applications for the Blue Growth & Ocean’s ReGeneration and having potential synergies between them.

    Funded companies by NOAH Blue Fund are invited to be hosted within the Ark’s business Centre to benefit synergies, collaborations, one supporting another and benefit from the Ambassadors track record, experiences & networks: A Blue Community.

    The Ark also hosts NOAH Blue Fund with its dedicated Blue Stock Exchange Room & the NOAH Blue Media Centre to be perfectly able supporting the funded companies ensuring their best & controlled promotion.

    This collaborative Blue Community is an innovative way to unlock potentials, create growth & new market opportunities, answering to larger public market offers…

    Once the funded companies are reaching an interesting value, NOAH Blue Fund could benefit from the opportunity to initiate a public offer through the dedicated Blue Stock Exchange

    Maritime Transportation

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    Recycling large ships

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    In this way, NOAH’s Arks would complement and contribute to the real estate stock,
    but floating real estate has lots of advantages and less constraints:

    In this way, NOAH’s Arks would complement and contribute to the real estate stock,
    but floating real estate has lots of advantages and less constraints:

  • Opporutnity:

    Purchasing highly devaluated assets, offering an innovative reassignment to raise a strong value.
    About 700 large old ships end every year on breaking ship beaches to be demolished for just a part of their steel value.
    NOAH’s concept is to turn some of those highly devalued vessels into Sustainable Floating non-cruising Real Estate with innovative modular assignment bringing a strong reevaluation & capital gain => lot of stock, few buyers, very low initial asset price acquisition, strong environmental impact, lot of assignment opportunities.

  • Strengths: Floating real estate vs traditional real estate:

    – in the heart of coastal mega capitals, building land does not exist. For a new real estate project, you must rebuild an old asset with acquisition cost often reaching up to 75% of the total project bill. When floating, there is no land but an old ship acquisition representing maximum 7 to 10% only for equivalent asset size and independently of the local real estate market price.
    – standard real estate notary fees (5 to 7%) vs alternative floating real estate having no notary fee.
    – no money nor time wasted with building permit application & no risk of non-delivery. In average, it takes about 18 months and 6% of the total price to obtain a valid building permit that we avoid when floating as no permit is required.
    – ship refitting is a quick & easy process vs traditional real estate construction: centralized works within a shipyard, no crane, no concrete, no infrastructure to hide and secure the construction from the street, no parking requirement or other real estate constraints… => cheapest construction & insurance, about 3 times quicker achievement
    – many opportunities of assignment and re-assignment as exit strategies (refitting is easily modular) vs traditional real estate where assignment is regulated
    – in case of local crisis that affects the real estate value, floating real estate can be removed to any other worldwide destination to secure or increase its value.
    – no risk of flood, easy access to ocean renewable resources for its sustainability, as non-cruising there are no constraint neither such as commercial vessel regulations…

  • Where to dock NOAH’s Arks… to influence Blue Growth
    and Blue ReGeneration, leaving a lasting legacy

    Worldwide Coastal Mega Capitals

    C40 cities helped to drive the paris agreement. Noah's Arks aims to help those cities meeting their commitments

    • The Firsts NOAH’s Arks might be implanted in Miami, London, New York, Mumbai, Rio…
    • Subsequent sustainable floating Ambassdors platforms would follow at strategic coastal cities.
    • The objective is to rapidly partner with C40 Cities in order to have one NOAH’s Ark in each of the 57 mega coastal cities comprising the C40 Cities Group.

    C40 Cities

    Most of those C40 Cities members would benefit from having a NOAH’s Ark R&D Platform: incubators for companies, employment, local economical growth, increasing innovation & best practices for local applications to support Cities sustainable growth which contribute answering their C40 engagements.

    In addition with C40 Cities Coastal Capitals, there are many other opportunities to dock a NOAH's Ark: each Coastal Capital or City having sea connection by a river.


    An Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) is a Sea Zone prescribed by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea over which a state has special rights regarding Exploration & use of Marine resources including energy production.

    France possesses the largest EEZ in the world and all EU nations together, are covering about 10 million sq miles. One of the EU prioritiy is to support the Blue Growth and has already earmarked €350M a year for Marine Research and Seabeds.

    NOAH is perfectly answering this EU strategy.

    International Ocean Governance is about managing and using the world’s oceans and their resources in ways that keep our Oceans Healthy, Productive, Safe, Secure and Resilient.

    European Commission Maritime Affairs Department set out a purpose of Detailed Actions:

    1- Improving the international ocean governance framework.

    2- Reducing human pressures on the oceans and creating the conditions for a sustainable blue economy.

    3- Strengthening international ocean research and data for better understanding about the oceans.

    4- Put in place Regional Strategies to address common challenges and opportunities, collaborating closely with non-EU countries and stakeholders from civil society and the private sector.

    One more time, NOAH ReGen is perfectly answering to all of these EU and International objectives.


    We have already identified more than 100 strategic location opportunities to dock a NOAH floating platform through the world.

    Up to 100 NOAH's Arks docking opportunities worldwide