Noah's executive team

Frédéric DEGRET

Founder - Executive Chairman

French, graduated from Centrale (Prime French engineering university) + R&D cursus at The Polytechnic University of Catalonia, he has a solid background in sciences & innovation.

Post graduated, he works in R&D for the high-tech yacht industry & Formula 1 (he was awarded at the Altran trophy for Young Talents for Formula 1 Innovation) before starting a career as real estate entrepreneur 13 years ago, where he became expert in bringing innovative assignments to highly devalued assets.

He decided to merge his real estate and sciences experiences with his passions for Ocean, to create a floating real estate brand – through the recycling of old & devalued ships with innovative refitting & assignments.

NOAH was born & pretends contributing to impact reverse climate change & structuring a ReGenerative Blue growth supporting innovation.

Through his science knowledge & capabilities, Fréderic pushed the limits of regenerative high-tech solutions, combinations & improvements for its NOAH’s Ark concept to ensure its off-grid sustainability.

He chooses to combined high-techs having great potential applications & constant improvement to create the first of kind – floating R&D / laboratory platform – testing, demonstrating the best practices and export them to different applications.

NOAH’s Arks series is his vision of an international network of interconnect Open Source Floating R&D Platforms, docked within the major coastal capitals, to put innovation at the benefit of a Regenerative & Sustainable Blue Growth – empowering circular economy – impacting revers climate change & living a lasting legacy.

Santiago OBARRIO

President of NOAH
Blue Fund

For the past 10 years, Santiago Obarrio, Argentine, has worked in R&D for pioneering regenerative strategies related to business models. Founder of eCO2, a revolutionary company operating in high yield Carbon farming process, Mr Obarrio is the designer and conceptor of the Cool Lab TM.

Mr.Obarrio holds certain number of proven ReGen business models, networks of experts and solutions that could converge for the needs of NOAH Blue Fund for strategic impact investments offering high output.

Mr.Obarrio perfectly completes his ReGen experience with 10 years in finance, essential skills to lead the direction of NOAH Blue Fund.


Board member of NOAH
ReGen, in charge of public & political relationships

Rola Khoury is dedicated to tackling the global, transdisciplinary challenges of climate change affecting the water, land and atmosphere. Leveraging her interdisciplinary and multicultural background, she builds and strengthens strategic partnerships to facilitate and promote regenerative development and ecosystem restoration while holding a vision for a better future.

Rola’s background in international law, business, and philanthropy includes an impressive record of cross-sectoral partnership building. She believes profoundly in transforming global development and fostering partnership-based philanthropy and initiative creation.

Rola has organized major publicity and fundraising events with major celebrities and record labels that respond to global humanitarian needs. She also has worked with leading businesses and governments around the world including Jade Magazine (which she founded), the Australian Embassy and Trade Commission’s Office in Italy. Rola holds degrees in International Law, MBA and speaks five languages.

Laszlo KELE

President of NOAH’s Ark

Mr.Kele, Swiss, is in charge of the staff hospitality training & Management for NOAH’s Ark high standards hospitality services and events organisation. Furthermore, Mr.Kele will be in charge of the pre-opening management for each NOAH’s Ark. He will coordinate with all future communities’ Hospitality Directors to ensure highest quality control of the services and concierge with the same standards for the Group.

Mr. Kele, graduated from Lausanne hospitality School, has 34 years of experience within the luxury hotel industry (development and management) with many of Europe’s luxury hotel groups.

Albert BATES

Regenerative expert in charge of NOAH Blue Media Centre

Albert Bates, American, is founder of the Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology and author of 16 books on history, ecology and the future, including Climate in Crisis (1990), The Biochar Solution (2010) and The Paris Agreement (2015). He holds degrees in political science and law and certifications in permaculture, emergency medicine, and forest management and is associated with Gaia University and Nanjing Agriculture University.

He was co-recipient of the first Right Livelihood Award (1980) for the work of his organization, Plenty, in preserving the cultures of indigenous peoples.

He designs drawdown ecovillages, ecodistricts and economies for ECO2, based in the Dominican Republic, and serves as Ambassador for the Global Ecovillage Network and advisor to the Commonwealth initiative for Regenerative Design to Reverse Climate Change.

Albert is NOAH Expert for ReGeneration to bring the latest and most adapted innovative & combined tech for the sustainability of the Arks operational needs including energy, fooding, trash management.
Albert will directely collaborate with Santiago and Jean-Charles to select projects & companies to be supported by NOAH Blue Fund and will bring his experience to boost their innovative regenerative impacts.

Author of renown, Mr Bates will also contribute to bring regenerative content and support NOAH Blue Media Centre department.

Anthony BASSI

Director Media Centre of NOAH’s Ark

Anthony, French, is expert in digital media & web technologies.
Entrepreneur, he founded TendancesMedia which gather every competency applied to the digital media sector, web, marketing & communication.

TendancesMedia is always pionneering in new technologies applications such as digital marketing consultant, augmented reality, interactive design, WebTV, WebZine.

Anthony is in charge of the NOAH Blue Media department to ensure the promotion of NOAH’s brand & Group, but aslo to supporte & promote hosted companies within NOAH’s Ark corporate incubators.

NOAH is absorbing TendanceMedia to have a fully dedicated internal team of 6 persons to ensure a true operational Blue Media Centre.

Marc Pajot

Vessel acquisitions & refit Advisor

Marc Pajot (born 21 September 1953 in La Baule) is a French sailor. He has been a crew member on Éric Tabarly’s boats.

Noted for winning the Silver medal at the 1972 Olympics at 19 with is older brother Yves, 5 times world champion, winner of the cross-Atlantic Route du Rhum, twice semi-finalist representing France at the America’s Cup as a Project Manager and Skipper, he has been representing French sailing achievement around the world.

Member of French Maritime Academy, the French Yacht Club, and the Monaco Yacht Club he is now settled in Cannes, Côte d’Azur, running a Yacht Selection activity and a consulting activity in marina landscaping.

Rob Stanbury

NOAH UK Director

Rob, 40, is an English entrepreneur and investor who has developed a strong quality network with European HNWIs and corporates through his own company activities.
Rob is in charge of NOAH’s Ark UK project to be docked on the Thames in London (authorisations, docking, vessel regulations, and setting up strategic partnerships).

Christophe Jacquelard

Technical Special Counselor for Arks sustainable needs

Engineer in Energy & Transportation, Ship fluid mechanics research for French Navy, Mr Jacquelard is in charge of implemented for the sustainable & off grid Arks operational requirements, the combined latest technologies for renewable energy production & storage, clean water production, black water and waste treatment to energy management, off shore & local organic food production…

Mr Jacquelard is organizing an innovative technological surveillance to always update the Arks mechanisms. NOAH’s Ark might remind “an avant garde laboratory” and proof of concept for sustainability and ReGeneration.